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The Digital Matte Paintings and Character Art of Veteran Artist Jaime Jasso


Jaime Jasso is a talented digital matte painter based in San Francisco, California. His work can be seen in many well-known titles for video games and feature films such as Halo Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 2, Halo Wars, Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and many more. His matte paintings often feature futuristic cities, stunning landscapes, and beautiful old-world castles. Let's take a look!

Multi City

United Nations Country

Moody Sunset

Eddie Somewhere in Time

Futuristic City

Play Magazine Cover Variation

Avatar 3

Avatar 2

Cybertron Planet

Mass Effect 2 Final Shot

Darkvoid Jungle

Wolverine: Apocalypse City

Terminator Salvation

Halo Wars Shield World Matte




Castle City

Vegas Ruins

Halo Wars Ice 01

Desert Panorama

Desert City Concept

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