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The Difference Between Typography & Hand Lettering: Typography in 60 Seconds

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Learn the basics of design in under a minute! Check out this video below.

Typography in 60 Seconds: Hand Lettering vs. Typography

Always strive to learn more. For designers and artists, it's important that we study important terms when delving into different mediums.

In this video, I'll discuss the difference between hand lettering and typography using helpful tips from our tutorials. Try out the hand lettering lesson used in this video from Scott Biersack:

What Is Hand Lettering?

Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters by hand. In history, we've seen this in ancient calligraphy art forms like Chinese calligraphy and more. Hand letterers create these pieces with traditional art tools like brushes, pens, and markers.

Hand Lettering Sketch Mockup
Hand lettering featured on this Sketch Mockup from Envato Elements.

What Is Typography?

The difference here is that typography is the art and technique of creating and arranging type. Because typography deals with type and typefaces, these days we see it most commonly in digital font forms like Arial and Helvetica.

These typefaces have been designed to make letters appear the same on our screens, making it a little more practical in most design situations. And the best part is that letters, numbers, and symbols can be easily manipulated using the character panels available in most design software.

Monly Font
An example of a typeface. Monly Font from Envato Elements.

Learn More With Our Tutorials!

Inspired to create more typography? Start with one of our tutorials! Continue to grow your skills over time while developing amazing patience.

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