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The Best Free Logo Design Template Kits (New for 2017)


Logo design just got a whole lot easier! Mix and match your favorite logo elements for a new custom design using free templates from Envato Logokit.

What Is a Logo Design Template Kit?

Your brand matters. That's why we've developed a system to make the logo design process faster and more affordable.

A logo design template kit gives you high-quality vector elements to build the perfect logo. And the awesome part is that all our kits are completely free!

Logo Kit Monogram Elements
Elegant Monogram Logo Kit

Envato Logokit

Envato Logokit is the best DIY logo solution for professional results! Our designers have created exceptional, high-quality logo kits featuring a wide range of text treatments, icons, and unique color combinations.

Envato Logo Kit Site

Explore a variety of categories to find a kit that fits your style. With a wide selection running from brilliant monograms to creative mascots, we're sure you'll be satisfied with our striking selection of modern logos.

Our logo kits are great for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graphic Designers
  • and more!

Learn more about our logo kits here: What Is a Logo Kit?

How to Edit a Logo Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Not sure where to begin? Follow this brief introduction to learn how to start editing with vector design programs.

Step 1

First, choose a logo kit you love. Let's go with this awesome Modern Monogram Logo Kit.

Then download and unzip the kit. We'll provide the main vector EPS files, which can be opened in a variety of vector-based programs.

Open the file for the logo combination you prefer in Adobe Illustrator. I chose the M letter file, which represents all the two-letter combinations for "M." To match my name, Melody Nieves, with a logo, I'll decide between these "MN" design styles. Use the Group Selection Tool to select the combination, and then Cut and Paste it onto a New Layer. Hide the other combinations.

Modern Monogram Logo Kit Example

Step 2

Put your imagination to the test as you mix and match elements to create the perfect logo. Scale the main shapes to a bigger size using the Selection Tool (V). Or add and change text with the Type Tool (T).

Continue modifying your logo with new colors and more. Then choose a color Fill you'd like to apply, like a vibrant solid color or a beautiful cool gradient.

Add colors to your logo

Step 3

Once you're through, Save your file with the appropriate extensions (.ai, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) to use your custom logo right away. It's that simple!

Save the logo as an eps

Get Help From the Pros

Need help customizing your logo kit? Go with a professional! Choose from hundreds of designers at Envato Studio to help build the logo of your dreams.

Browse Our Free Logo Design Template Kits

Here is a current selection of all the fantastic kits now available on Envato Logokit. We also release new ones each week! So subscribe to our email newsletter to get notified when a new logo kit drops next!

1. Vintage Monogram Logo Kit

Create an elite brand with this vintage monogram kit. This kit features 676 elegant letter pairings in a variety of minimalist styles. Turn your logo into an epic badge by adding a simple circle or finish it with the tagline of your choice.

Vintage Monogram Logo Kit

2. Stickman Logo Kit

Need a new mascot for your company? Then try this awesome stickman logo kit. Designed with a faceless character for more flexibility, this mascot cooks, fishes, and even has a great green thumb. And since he's a mascot with many trades, we just know he'll be a great addition to any service-based business.

Stickman Logo Kit

3. Corporate Gradients Logo Kit

For a more corporate look, check out this pack of modern gradient designs. With multi-layered shapes and symbols, this template lets you choose from a selection of premade gradients to adorn your special emblem.

Corporate Gradients Logo Kit

4. Corporate Bold Icons Logo Kit

The epitome of professional design, this corporate logo kit features minimalist icons with clean, bold lines. This diverse selection of icons covers many business themes and categories. Add vibrant colors to finalize your design or keep it monochromatic for an even sharper look.

Corporate Bold Icons Logo Kit

5. Negative Space Icon Logo Kit

Create a striking logo that employs the trendy use of negative space. Exude exceptional style with cutout designs that are sure to make your brand stand out. Choose from many text arrangement options for a versatile logo.

Negative Space Icon Logo Kit

6. Elegant Monogram Logo Kit

Design a monogram with class and sophistication with this incredible logo kit. This kit features 676 combinations of every letter pairing in the English alphabet! Choose from multiple styles to make the most out of your logo design.

Elegant Monogram Logo Kit

7. Animal Icons Logo Kit

Or enlist the help of a furry friend for greater logo impact! This brilliant kit features various animals that fit many industries. Enjoy the simplicity of the overall emblem design with clean vector lines and solid colors.

Animal Icons Logo Kit

8. Service Guy Mascot Logo Kit

Add a charming mascot to your brand with this awesome logo kit. This flexible mascot can be altered to fit your needs by changing the skin color, outfit, and accessories. Choose from high-quality elements to create a personalized chef, businessman, and more!

Service Guy Mascot Logo Kit

9. Modern Monogram Logo Kit

This comprehensive suite of 676 letter combinations features every letter pairing imaginable! And to make your logos truly one of a kind, this suite also comes with a bonus set of embellishments for that extra special touch.

Modern Monogram Logo Kit

10. Barber Shop Logo Kit

Follow your passion with this beautiful barber shop logo kit. Great for hairdressers and salons of all kinds, this kit includes hipster vector elements that fit a variety of grooming needs. Just replace the colors and text with the help of any vector design program.

Barber Shop Logo Kit

11. Little Guy Mascot Logo Kit

Design a little guy mascot for your business! This set of interchangeable characters provides the perfect way to customize your brand. Switch up body positions or change the outfit colors for more options.

Little Guy Mascot Logo Kit

12. Outdoor Badges Logo Kit

Turn your logo into an epic badge with this outdoor-themed kit. This kit features many badges and emblems that are great for nature-based organizations. Use the colorful options available or pick your own for a more personalized logo.

Outdoor Badges Logo Kit

13. Sports Club Badges and Emblems Logo Kit

Celebrate your favorite team with a custom logo to match! Included in this kit is a full system of flexible icons suitable for a wide range of sport clubs and associations. Simply choose your favorite sports symbol, and then arrange the logo to fit your design needs.

Sports Club Badges and Emblems Logo Kit

14. Hospitality Line Art Logo Kit

Highlight your hospitality skills with a beautiful new logo! This logo kit is an amazing DIY solution for any food or hospitality business. Choose from dozens of stunning line art combinations for a sleek, modern vibe.

Hospitality Line Art Logo Kit

Share Your Logos With Us!

Found a design you love? Share your results with us! And let us know how you like Envato Logokit in the comments below.

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