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The Best Backgrounds on GraphicRiver

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Easily one of the biggest categories on GraphicRiver, backgrounds are handy not only in graphic design but in web and screen design too. From abstract to detailed, Twitter to nature, there are already some 250 backgrounds to choose from. Collected here today are some of the best backgrounds you can buy!

Carbon Fiber Backgrounds Mega Pack by fenixkim

Colourful Abstract Circles by JackHowell

25 Background Pack by Omnione

Web2.0 Background Pack by segen

Abstract Wave Background by TheLeggett

4 Pack Abstract Backgrounds by robwes19

Candy Meadows by scottwills

Rainbow background pack by Rastamandita

Stars by coolwebbies

Web Large Background Pack by Segen

4 Abstract Backgrounds by EAMejia

Seamless Animated Background by Omnione


Beautiful Landscape Background by Mirtt

Grungy Wall by GeertDD

Grundy Web Background by CAMS

Crazy Pad by LindseyK25

Fantasy Chaos by k3vintech

Nice color by mongolia123

30 Satin Curtain Backgrounds by scottwills

Spring Abstract no.1 by dvkro

Violet Emotion by scottwills

Aura Abstract Background by stigma5

Futuristic Background by robwes19


Chevron Backgrounds (Pack of 2) by scottwills

Lightwaves by robwes19

Curvy Abstract Background by abenson

Pixelated Backgrounds (Pack of 4) by scottwills

Space Backgrounds for Websites by system32

Lines Abstract Background 2 by Dec85

Collective Memes by DreamWarrior

Graphic Design Week

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