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The Artwork of Saad Moosajee


Today we are going to take a second look at Saad Moosajee. We featured some of his pieces back in 2009. Today, we will be featuring some of his newest works.  Saad is a 17 year old self taught freelance Illustrator and Art Director. Since establishing his website in 2008, Saad has had the privilege to work alongside numerous charities, brands, and agencies. Saad has worked for clients such as Nokia, Dell, Maxon Computer, Tiger Beer, Computer Arts Magazine, Sprite, and Oxfam. He is currently the creative head of the SlashTHREE collective and a member of the Keystone Design Union.


Typographical illustration created for the 361 degrees clothing company in China.


Typographical Illustration created for the 361 degrees clothing company in China, created directly at the Keystone Design Union. All of the lettering in this illustration was done in 3D using Cinema 4D.


Illustration created for slashTHREE's recent exhibition, Paradigm Shift.


This illustration was commissioned by rapper and signer B.o.B to be mounted on his Piano during Lollapalooza 2010.

Just Do It

Pitch illustration for a Nike t-shirt, unused.


Illustration created for the 2011 OFFF Year Zero book, original photography by Elle Muliarchyk.


Collaboration with artist Zane Prater, created for the Keystone Design Union's 2011 Solstice magazine

The XX

Tour poster illustration commissioned by the English band "The XX"

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