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In this article we will be showcasing the work of Miriam Moshinsky, a Russian-born designer currently living in Israel who has authored several tutorials here on Psdtuts. Miriam's work features colorful, fantasy worlds full of children, animals, food and candy. Her work always includes some type of dark and morbid twist, which is a hallmark of her unique and creative style. Please take a moment to review some of her remarkable creations and enjoy!

Cranberry and Milk

This piece includes a summer theme and is filled with flashy and bright colors.


In this piece you can see Moshinsky’s love of junk food leaches into her work.

Wrigley 5

This piece was designed for Wrigley 5’s gum launch in Israel while Moshinsky worked as a senior digital designer in BBDO Tel Aviv. It was based on the five senses and influenced by nightlife. You can see the website here.

In My Kitchen, Cabinet is All I Need

Moshinsky’s obsession with food and cupcakes is shown in this piece. You can also see she wants to keep it all to herself.

Kitchen Vampire

This piece is an example of a pencil sketch that was later colored in Photoshop. The inspiration for this one is from the band, Deine Lakaien.

Secret Project

One piece of a top-secret project that Moshinsky is working on.

Lulu Wants to Be Good

How far would you go for the perfect cupcake?


Moshinsky was born and raised in a small town in Russia that was surrounded by a forest. As a little girl, she used to walk there and pick mushrooms and wild strawberries.

Sad Mermaid

A personal piece for Moshinsky’s solo exhibition.


Moshinsky recently became a partner in Hooligans, a creative digital production agency. These pieces are parts of the branding I created for the company.

Baby Pirate

A piece done for Moshinsky’s book that includes her work, followed by funny haiku poems by the writer Sahar Lewenstein.


Who decided salad has to be boring? This piece was also done for Moshinsky’s book.

Sleza Olenya

Moshinsky has a super cool little sister. Really. This piece was based from a photograph of her, retouched to make look even cooler.

Three Little Ghosties

Three Little Ghosties was always one of my favorite children poems but in the Russian translation, it's called Three Little Fairies.

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