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The Artwork of Anton Semenov

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Today, we will be taking a look at the incredible artwork of Anton Semenov. Semenov is a 28-year-old digital painter and graphic designer born and raised in Bratsk, Russia. His unique style and incredible attention to detail have gone into creating artwork for several clients. Anton has also been a contributor to the SlashThree collective's exhibitions since late 2009. Let's take a look!


Created for SlashThree's 15th exhibiton, Paradigm Shift.


An illustration created for Semenov's personal portfolio.


An interpretation of death created for Semenov's personal portfolio.


An illustration for SlashThree's 13th exhibition, "Unleashed", depicting a collision of two worlds only possible in the dreams of a child.


A depiction of the love we hold for our parents, or any person or thing that acts as a parental figure, also created for SlashThree's "Paradigm Shift" exhibition.


A personal painting based on one of Semenov's favourite childhood books, "Scary Fairytales", depicting a child held captive by a bathhouse demon.


A personal painting about childhood fears; showing that our worst fears live in our subconscious.

Where to find Anton Semenov on the Web

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