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The Amazing Illustrations of Marta de Andres

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Today we bring you a collection of illustrations from Spanish designer Marta De Andres. Marta's artwork features a wide variety of artistic styles including matte paintings and her signature style of digital impressionism.

Spaceships Sky City

This stunning Sci-fi inspired matte painting features an incredible amount of detail in all of the spacecraft as well as the surrounding scenery.

Post Apocalyptic Fantasy

This portrait features a beautiful character developed by Marta. The whole painting features a lot of depth in the characters expression and overall appearance.

Fantasy Matte Painting

Here is another one of Marta's matte paintings, this time we see some exotic scenery and wonderful composition of the overall environment.

Winter Heart

This digital painting features Marta's design style that she calls Digital Impressionism. The wonderful combination of colors makes for an overall stunning painting.

Floating Rock

This client piece that Marta created contains some more stunning exotic scenery with realistic texturing and great composition/

Black Swan Ugly Duckling

This piece features some more imaginative painting mixed with a wide array of great colors that blend together perfectly.

Castle and City Wall Village

Another interesting landscape painting that features some impressive and complete architecture of a city lost in time and space.

Achilles Concept Art

More digital impressionism, this time we have an ominous character with some interesting abilities. Once again the mixture of colors and patterns works to perfection in this unique art style.

Latex Heroine

Here we see some more character development but this time it is painted in a more realistic fashion and it still looks fantastic.

White Fairy

This illustration is a little out of Marta's usual style of paintings but she still ends up creating a beautiful painting. The emotion in the character as well as the whole atmosphere of the painting make for great fantasy artwork.

Dragon Warrior

Here is another example of Marta's talent to create wonderful fantasy scenery while at the same time using a great selection of colors that are vibrant and beautiful.

Earth Matte

This matte painting shows off some realistic texture effects as well as an overall space atmosphere that looks mesmerizing.

Underground City

This matte painting like the first features a ton of amazing detail. From the contours of the rocks to the spacecraft, everything looks unique

Ari Concept Art

Another great attempt at a wide combination of colors and textures that come together perfectly.

Fantasy Matte Painting Snow

The last piece of Marta's we will feature is this calm and serene matte painting. The composition of the environment looks fantastic as all of the natural lighting and coloring is perfect.

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