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The Amazing Digital Art Of David Fuhrer (AKA Microbot)

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Today we are featuring the art of David Fuhrer AKA Microbot, David has a true knack for creating extremely detailed artwork that features an array of wonderful scenes, ranging from outer space galaxies to mechanized robots. There is a lot of stunning art to see here so make sure not to miss this great showcase.

Last Days

An exciting illustration that David submitted to Depthcore's art exhibition Noir.


Another piece of art that showcases David's unique concepts and his knack for detail.

The Homeworld

You can only truly appreciate this illustration at full view to capture every single detail in the atmosphere of this awesome non-spherical planet.


This piece features some amazing creativity in constructing this whole robot as well as its interesting environment.

Black Death

A rather gruesome illustration but the level of detail and accuracy can make up for that quickly.

Heart Shaped Box

This piece, done fully in Photoshop by David features some interesting surreal painting techniques and imagery.

Bot World

This is another imaginative concept with top-notch execution and attention to detail.


This is a client illustration that David made for Subway.

Menerga - Energy Systems

This is probably one of the coolest illustrations featured in this list, and we even had to cut it down because it was too long. Make sure to check this stunning piece out to see it in its full glory.

Red Apple

More surrealism mixed in with David's signature style.

Big Tree

Another completely new and imaginative world created by David with tons of detailed parts.

Blue Moon

A breathtaking illustration that shows the highest level of artistic creativity and detail on the part of David.


An illustration David made for the upcoming video game Archetype.

Drug Free Zone

A very ironic piece that claims it's a Drug Free Zone yet has some very psychedelic and surreal aspects to it, either way its another imaginative design.

Far Away

A very interesting illustration that mixes David's surreal style with some abstract characteristics.

David on the Web

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