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Stunning Knobs, Sliders, and LCD Style Displays

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Knobs, sliders, and LCD style displays are common elements in real-world interfaces. While we have seen these types of interface elements in the real world for decades, they have also transitioned into the modern world of touch screen tablets and mobile devices. In this article, we have featured some stunning knobs, sliders and LCD style displays for your inspiration. Let's take a look!

76 Synthesizer

This incredibly polished interface design by Jonas Eriksson was inspired by synthesizers from the 1970's. It includes some beautifully well-done knobs, jacks, monitors and vacuum tubes.

Tablet/Phone User Interface Professional Set V. 5

This interface by Graphic River author Diego Monzon features a large central knob and a slick LCD style interface.

Tablet/Phone User Interface Professional Set

This set of interface elements by Psdtuts author Diego Monzon is part of a set available for download on our Graphic River site. This interface features some beautiful buttons, knobs, and a flip clock display.

SK Analog

This interface by DeviantArt author S0nkite features an incredible amount of knobs and sliders.

Tablet/Phone UI Pro 2 v.10 / Mobile DJ

This set of stunning interface elements from Graphic River includes a large central knob and slider that can be used to create a mobile DJ app.

DM1 The Drum Machine

The Drum Machine App by Jonas Eriksson features some retro style knobs over a nice textured leather material.

Tablet/Phone User Interface Professional Set v.3

This set of interface elements includes some beautifully designed switches, knobs and doodads that can be used to produce mobile interfaces.

Free Retro UI Elements Collection

This interface design by Psdtuts author Diego Monzon includes some excellently designed monitors, sliders, and knobs.

Stealth Flash Skin Theme

In this interface design, Diego Monzon includes some beautifully designed icons, sliders, flip clock, and LCD style displays.

Lennard Digitals Sylenth1 Skin

This interface design includes just about every type of element imaginable; piano keys, knobs, sliders, LEDs, and a large LCD style display in the center.

AITB Doc Fearn

This interface includes some beautifully designed knobs and some nice monitors on the right side.

Denon AVR - 1612

This design by Isabel Aracama was actually created in Adobe Fireworks and includes a large central knob with some very well done audio/video jacks.

Pioneer DJM-5000 Mixer Rack

This piece by Isabel Aracama, created in Adobe Fireworks was based on Pioneer's DJM-5000 Rack Mount 4-Channel Professional DJ Mixer.

GUI - Pioneer CDJ - 1000 MK3

This interface by Isabel Aracama was based on the Pioneer CDJ - 1000 MK3 and was done entirely using Adobe Fireworks. It features a large central knob and a beautiful LCD style display.

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