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Stunning Aquatic Themed Digital Art

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You can find some beautiful things below sea level. In this article we will be showcasing an amazing collection of digital art that includes underwater or aquatic imagery. Please take a moment to review some of these fantastic pieces, and enjoy!

Zen by Christopher Haines

We start off with a great example of all the colorful wonders the sea has to offer. Designer Christopher Haines brings together all these elements together perfectly in this illustration.

3D Yellow Submarine by Ry-Spirit

Not only does this well-made painting feature a classic cartooned yellow submarine but it is also 3D and works with the vintage red and blue glasses. So go ahead and find your pair to see this work in full effect.

Waning Tide by Donna Quinn

Here we have another well-painted illustration that mixes a bit of fantasy in with the aquatic theme. The color selection really works wonderfully with all the detail in the painting including the armor and the turtles themselves.

Underwater Discovery by Raymond Faustadnes

This aquatic scene features a very cool concept of underwater treasure. The designer lets his imagination take over to show the viewers just what kind of treasure can be found in the depths of the ocean.

Sea Mutant by Song Weng Foong

Here is another painting that takes this aquatic concept and mixes it up with some fantasy. Specifically we see the rampage of a mutated sea creature, the originality and detail of this painting really put it over the top.

Poseidon by Tiago Da Silva

You can’t have a roundup of aquatic illustrations and not feature someone who is always associated with the ocean, Poseidon. This designer brings a modern approach to the historic god of the sea and makes an overall great painting.

Poseidon's Grip by Richard Roberts

Here we have more Poseidon artwork, and this one takes a different approach to showing the God of the sea. Designer Richard Roberts decides to make this illustration look a little more mystical and ends up doing a great job with the whole environment.

Out of Blue by Kerem Beyit

This painting definitely captures the intensity of a shark attack through the amazing detail seen in it. The painter does a fantastic job with the whole illustration, from lighting to the whole set up of the painting.

The Arrival by Diego Hernandez

This is a fantastic matte painting that is huge in resolution so you can see all the amazing detail put in it. Not much else to say so be sure to check it out in full scale so you can really see this amazing scenery shot.

Lochness by Chris Thibodeau

Here is an interesting painting of a scuba divers encounter with the Lochness Monster. The unique part of the painting is the interesting perspective shot as well as the reflection of the monster we never get to see.

Land Coral Reef by Min Hao Feng

The Coral Reef is known to be one of the most colorful and beautiful parts of the sea and this painting definitely takes advantage of that. The designer brings out all the life and color found underwater and makes an amazing painting out of it.

Fish by Adam Tredowski

This is another great fantasy painting, part 3D and part Photoshop this steampunk fish illustration is unique and really interesting to look at.

Dead At Sea by Reid Southern

This awesome painting makes the list because of its unique vantage point where the viewer can see everything that is going on below and above sea level. On top of that all of the action occurring looks extremely realistic and very well made.

Creatures In The Sea by Patrik Hjelm

The title says it all; this painting shows off some interesting creatures we would find underwater interacting amongst one another.

Atlantis by Patrik Hjelm

The lost city of Atlantis is a great place to paint because of all the variety and originality that can come from it. Since no one really knows exactly what it looked like any designer can let their imagination do the work for them and come up with some interesting architecture like the painting featured here.

Atlantis by Andreas Rocha

This Atlantis painting takes a dip underwater and shows a more destroyed and aged city that has been lost under the sea.

Atlantis by Alex Popescu

Here is the one last piece of Atlantis artwork for this list, and this illustration features a matte painting that combines the ideas of the two previous works. The detail on this illustration can be seen in full view and is simply stunning, its highly recommended for everyone to check out this painting.

HER by Christopher Haines

Christopher Haines does it again by creating his stunning 3D figures. This time he makes a female goddess of the ocean and adorns her with everything from seaweed to seashells. This is a very interesting illustration with a cool concept and great execution.

Ocean And Under by Frank Hong

This painting takes a more realistic approach to showing the viewer what they could expect to see underwater. The painter does a fantastic job at bringing the realism of the ocean onto the digital canvas.

Exploring Underwater by Marta de Andres

Our last illustration features an interesting scenery shot of some random location underwater. You can see the designer adds some fantasy to it by including what looks to be underwater creatures, this all makes for another wonderful painting.

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