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Something New and Exciting: Tuts+ Hub

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We're ready to announce something new and exciting — the Tuts+ Hub beta!

As you know, Tuts+ is all about helping people learn. With Hub, we’ve worked to deliver an experience that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you'd like to learn, with a delightful interface for reading.

What you see is a brand new layer that sits atop our current websites. All the articles and tutorials are still here (along with your comments), but we’ve designed a new way of presenting them and built new tools to help you navigate the library. Take a look now, and read on to find out more.

What's New?


Here are the basics of what’s new on the Hub:

  • A new content structure that emphasises disciplines over software-centric categories
  • Improved (pretty great) search
  • A more intuitive approach to browsing
  • Responsive design
  • Carefully formatted articles

We’re releasing Hub as a beta because it’s going to continue evolving. There are still some important features that we’re going to implement, and a few wrinkles that need ironing out. We’ve taken a lot of care to make Hub something that looks great and works well, upon which we can easily improve and iterate.

We want to tailor this site to you — our readers — so your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. If you notice anything that looks awry, or something that doesn’t behave the way you’d like, we’d be grateful if you took the time to fill out this feedback form.

The New Content Structure

If you’re used to the current Tuts+ blogs, you may be interested to know how we’ve reorganised our topics.

At present, the Tuts+ Network consists of thirteen sites. Though they all occupy different niches, some of them have similar kinds of content. By isolating the sites, it’s possible that we’re keeping you from finding the sort of things you want to learn, and we’re needlessly restricting ourselves to very specific niches.

We plan to expand the breadth of content that we provide, and our new topics are designed to cater to that expansion.

This is how the new topics on Tuts+ Hub map to the current sites:

Design & Illustration

  • Psdtuts+
  • Vectortuts+
  • Webdesigntuts+


  • Nettuts+
  • Mobiletuts+
  • Webdesigntuts+
  • Wptuts+

Audio Production

  • Audiotuts+


  • Phototuts+

3D & Animation

  • Cgtuts+

Game Design

  • Gamedevtuts+

Video Production

  • Aetuts+

Arts & Crafts

  • Crafttuts+


  • Mactuts+

We'd Love Your Feedback

When you've had a chance to take a look, search around, and read a tutorial or two, we'd welcome any and all of your feedback. It'll help us to create a product that our readers love to use!

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