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Showcase of Festive Holiday-Themed Artwork

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Read Time: 3 mins

The holidays are right around the corner so we thought it would be great to feature some digital art created specifically for the holiday season. Some of the art features stunning snowy landscapes, others show off re-imaginings of classic holiday characters. Let's take a look!

The Evil Snowman by Beloved-Creature

This painting takes a nice comedic approach to a classic holiday icon, the snowman. The artist made a great attempt at giving the snowman some personality and character in the piece.

Winter Bay by Ed Lopez

This surreal landscape definitely gives the viewer a crisp reminder of the cold months when everything gets snowed in. The matte painting itself is stunning with perfect composition for the lighting and blending of stocks. See the tutorial here on Psdtuts.

Snowman by Alex Boca

This gory reimagining of a friendly snowman turned evil, looks phenomenal. The execution by the designer was perfect as he added enough detail in the expression and body to really make for a frightening character.

Scribblenauts Holiday by Ushio18

Here we have a great attempt at a holiday greeting card. The artist included many holiday themed decorations that are painted perfectly and make for an overall great illustration.

Holiday Card by Mark Mayers

Next on our list is Mark Mayers' awesome pop up holiday card that was created as a tutorial for Psdtuts. This holiday illustration features some great vivid colors along with some unique positioning to make it a pop up card.

Lego Holiday by Jeremy Vickery

Here we have a great festive painting of a Lego town during the holiday season. The overall tone of the magazine cover is warm and welcoming, exactly what the holidays are about, the artist does a great job of portraying that in his painting.

Snowed Over by Superspacemonkey

This is another stunning matte painting of a city covered by a blanket of snow.

Scorching the Evil Snowman by Jackaloftrades

Here is another example of stunning composition in a painting, the artist created a wonderfully detailed snowman as the focal point of this illustration and also added some other key pieces to make for an overall great painting.

Christmas by Sol

This illustration features great use of Photo manipulation techniques. The artist built a festive and warm environment from an assortment of stocks, and everything blends together very well.

Operation Secret Santa by Lynton Levengood

This painting itself if full of detail and all that detail tells a story in itself, which makes this a great illustration with stunning visuals.

Badass Santa by Alex Boca

Digital painter Alex Boca takes the classic Santa we all know and love and turns him into a grungy looking Biker with a gang of drunken elves. The whole reimagining of a classic character into a complete polar opposite is a great idea and the execution behind it is flawless.

Christmas in the Silent Forest by Lek Chan

Although this whole illustration itself is somewhat simple it features a wonderful atmosphere that is calming. The expressions on the characters as well as the coloring all work together perfectly in this piece.

Merry Grinchmas by Justin Orr

Here we have a postcard created for the holidays that features another recognizable holiday character, The Grinch.

Pirate Santa by Robb Mommaerts

In this illustration Santa got re-imagined into a Pirate. This quality illustration features a great cartooned design style that works well for this cheery character.

Snowman vs Santa by Kai Spannuth

And lastly we feature a digital painting with an evil snowman squaring off against Santa. The design definitely gets its point across, to wish everyone a happy holiday as well as be comedic in the illustration.

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