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See the Amazing Winners in Our Envato Remix Contest!

Envato Remix

Check out the amazing winners in our very first Envato Remix contest!

Our Envato Remix contest is now over! We had over 100 incredible entries from our creative community across the entire Envato network. Contestants downloaded a graphic asset and were invited to rework and “remix” the image to create brand new artwork.

We were absolutely delighted with the response and the quality of submissions we received, and our judges managed to make a decision on the ultimate winner!

Find out the winners on the Envato Market blog!

Do you want more?

Keep your eyes open—we'll have the three winners sharing with us their works in progress, how they created their entries, and some amazing close-up shots of their final entries.

You'll be happy to know that we will be doing another Envato Remix in the near future. So keep checking back for the next challenge.

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