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Seamless Vector Patterns Premium Pack - Botanical Pop

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We have a new set of seamless vector patterns available exclusively for Vector Premium members. These are great for using in your work, adding to your blog background design, or twitter page. There are numerous plants, flowers, and pop elements making up each design of this set. You can use them in your next project to add a bit of happy, organic, vector goodness! Learn more at the jump!

New Vector Premium Illustrations

This new Vector Premium Pack is created by Sean Hodge. I enjoyed making this set of seamless vector patterns. There is a healthy mix of plants, flowers, and pop elements, which repeat organically. There is a nice tutorial from Ian on how to make these types of patterns and you can use just about any design element to construct them once you've practiced a bit.

There are eight seamless vector patterns in this pack. The license allows these to be used in your commercial client projects as well, see the download file for details. Below are the set of unique botanical pop patterns, which can be colored any way you choose, as it's all vector (EPS format)! Note that the images below are scaled and cropped; they are seamless in the Premium download.

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