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Well after two weeks of vacationing, I'm back online with a bit of a tan (it's a warm summer over here in Australia) and wanted to make a quick announcement that I've written a book! Yes that's right, a book. It's about freelancing and is called How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer.

The book takes you through almost every aspect of freelancing from getting started to getting paid. It's 212 pages and took us forever to write and edit. Despite me boldly claiming to my wife that I could write a book in two weeks, the final time was actually close to 8 months!

The book is on sale now as an eBook for $29 at FreelanceSwitch, and we'll have a printed version for sale on Lulu for $35 in January. You can read the Table of Contents and Purchase the Book at FSw.

More Rockstar Titles

We are currently working on the next Rockstar title, How to Be a Rockstar Wordpresser, which is aimed at Web designers looking to take their Wordpress skills to the next level. Covering topics like how to make a custom theme, how to use plugins and features to achieve special features and CMS abilities, it's going to be a rockin' book!

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