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Rate Increase for Tutorial Submissions and Other Updates

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Some quick news about tutorial submissions. We've increased the payment amount for tutorials, and we have a new preview form. You can now pitch us before writing up a tutorial. We also have some more information about becoming a regular writer.

Rate Increase for Tutorial Submissions

We have some good news. Per-tutorial payment has been increased from $125 to $150. We also have a new form (Psdtuts+ Preview Submission Form) that makes it easier for you to submit your concept to us.

Now you can pitch your idea before writing up the finished tutorial. Pitching your idea involves writing a paragraph or two describing what the tutorial will be about. Also include a polished JPEG of the final effect. This sample image should be the same final image that would be used in the tutorial. We will be judging your concept as much on the idea as the quality of the final effect.

Also, keep in mind that our reviewers will only be able to advise whether they think they will accept a tutorial on this effect you've proposed. You'll still need to follow through professionally for acceptance. If, for example, the final tutorial is really badly written, or doesn't do a good job of explaining the effect, it may still be turned away.

Once this initial concept is approved, send in the final written tutorial via our Psdtuts+ Completed Tutorial Submission Form.

Weekly Tutorial Writers Update

To recap, the weekly writer position pays out at $200 per tutorial.

We are likely to have opportunities for weekly writers open for awhile. We are considering bringing on more than one writer as well. We're also giving some of the writers that have contributed to Psdtuts+ often in the past an opportunity in this type of position. We've received some applications and are still reviewing them. We are still accepting new applications as well.

We've noticed a trend emerge in some of the applications. One of them is applicants lacking portfolios. It's difficult for us to evaluate an applicant that either doesn't have a portfolio, or has a portfolio with a limited scope. We're looking for applicants that can demonstrate a versatile range of Photoshop ability.

If you have the material to showcase but don't have a Web site, then consider posting your portfolio images to a network like Behance. You could even create a Flickr Photo set. Or create a one-page portfolio with your work in HTML. We are more concerned with the content of your portfolio than the presentation method you use.

If you're unable to demonstrate your Photoshop skills with examples, then submit concepts via our normal submission process. Publishing tutorials with us builds your relationship with the site. If you consistently deliver high-quality material via that route, then you may be considered for a weekly position in the future. You could build your portfolio during that time as well.

We look forward to working with more talented Photoshop tutorial writers. Let me know if there are any questions about normal submissions, or the opportunities for weekly tutorial writers.

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