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Questions for the Editor of Psdtuts+ and Vectortuts+


Most of you already know who Sean Hodge is, but for those that don't, he is the editor for Psdtuts+ as well as Vectortuts+. I will soon be conducting an interview with Sean about running these two blogs and I need your help. So read along about all the details and help us make this
a great interview!

Pose Your Questions in the Comments

Ever wondered how these blogs run? What's it like behind the scenes? How is content chosen? How long does it take to go from concept to publish ready tutorial? Who makes up the team behind these successful design sites? Or any other burning interests you have on how these Tuts+ blogs run? Submit your questions in the comments? A good selection of these questions will then be answered by our editor in an interview format.

Sean runs the day to day operations of these two blogs, posting most of the daily tutorials, interviews, articles, and videos. We have a history of transparency on these Envato sites, and are happy to answer your questions!

About the Coming Interview

In the near future, I will be interviewing Sean about the logistics of running these blogs. We want to make it as informative to our readers as possible, this is why we want you (the reader) to post a question for Sean in the comments below.

In about a week or so I will pick out some of the best questions and present them to Sean along with my own set. So hopefully this will result in a learning experience for all our readers,
and provide you insight into the ins and outs of running a successful design blog.

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