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Psdtuts Presents Exclusive Wallpapers by Jennifer Cirpici

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Another extremely talented designer by the name of Jennifer Cirpici has volunteered to create two exclusive wallpapers for the readers of PsdTuts+. This months exclusive wallpapers feature something for everyone, on one hand we have a beautiful scenery shot with lots of bright colors, and on the other we have something more textured and rough with lots of interesting paint effects. So make sure to check this out, download the wallpaper and then view Jennifer's other art.

Exclusive Wallpaper - Breaking Canvas

I always wanted to make a Digital Artwork with a lot of bright colors because colors are associated with happiness. This is a promotional poster for my portfolio website. The concept behind this is that the guy you're seeing doesn't want to be stuck in a canvas like the animals but wants to jump out of it, into the freedom, not being tied to strict rules. I always work with a concept; I want my work to be more than just something you can see on the screen but also something to think about, to inspire people.

Exclusive Widescreen Wallpaper - What Guys Dream Of

For this illustration, I was inspired by Zach Bush and his matte paintings. The concept about this piece is brought out from books like ''Where is Waldo?'' I wanted to create this surreal landscape with a woman in it, to see the woman you really have search for it. I made this with my wacom Intous 3 tablet and Photoshop, using different stocks on sxc, crestock, and cgtextures.

Some of Jennifer's Other Work

Special Thanks to Jennifer

Once again I'd like to thank Jennifer for participating and giving the readers an awesome new wallpaper for their desktops. Please make sure to visit Jennifer's portfolio and check out some of her great art.

Also stay tuned for some more exclusive high quality wallpaper projects in the near

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