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PsdTuts+ Presents: Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration

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We have numerous inspiring interface designs on display from the newly released Encide Battlebay Collaboration. If you love futuristic, vivid, pixel perfect, and imaginative interfaces, then check out this work. You'll be blown away by some fantastic designs from those at the top of their game.

We'll chat a bit with Tim Silva, one of the people of Encide. He'll give us some insight into interface design and this project. Then we'll take a look at a good portion of the artwork from this recent release.

Q What do you feel is important about interface design?

In an exponentially expanding age of technology, interfaces are seen more frequently than ever before in history. GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) are designed to serve specific functions. It is the job of the designer, to provide and ensure a pleasant experience for the user.

Interfaces exist as interactive agents, but they are also an artistic outlet for designers to fuel creativity and communicate to their audiences.

Interfaces exist as interactive agents, but they are also an artistic outlet for designers to fuel creativity and communicate to their audiences. Designers must make interfaces believable, aesthetically rich, and detail oriented. The following battlebay steps are fantasy interfaces; pieces of art created to inspire you, the viewer.

Q Could you tell us about the Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration?

This project took about three months to organize and complete, and it was worth every ounce of effort from the participants and the project director. I personally would like to thank everyone who was involved in this project, no matter how little or large your contribution was.

This landmark sufficiently demonstrates the contemporary skill set of an exceptional interface designer, something that hopefully will be laughed at in the future. We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants in the arenas of design, art, and technology. So let us never forget our roots, origins, and inspirations.

The 2009 Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration took place from November 1st, 2009 through January 2010. This is a collaborative project to give interface design the attention it deserves. This is not a competition like the word "battlebay" seemingly suggests. We are a small community, and this is about the progression of our art.

Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration

Below are some of the submissions from this vast collection. You can view all of them at Encide.net/battlebay.

"Step #01" by Tim Silva

"Step #02" by Jeff Nielson

"Step #03" by Jimmy Bjorkman

"Step #05" by Jedi88

"Step #06" by Enzudesign

Enzudesign on the web


"Step #09" by Henri Palm

"Step #10" by robanat

"Step #11" by Axertion

"Step #12" by JG

"Step #15" by Stoyan Shishev

"Step #17" by Tsukasaxen

"Step #18" by Etn1spi

"Step #20" by godsilla

"Step #24" by bl4ckzero

"Step #26" by Beatsta

"Step #29" by Ali

"Step #30" by ZelnickDesigns

"Step #34" by Jelle Pingen

"Step #36" by lewa

"Step #39" by Chukweuemeka Joseph

"Step #40" by Lance Thackeray

"Step #44" by Brett

"Step #50" Kerry Johnson

"Step #53 by FuzzYspooN

"Step #56" by BencY

Q Are there any special supporters of this project you'd like to mention?

We would like to make a special shout out to two of our friends who focus on similar genres within design and have been big supporters and pushers of this art: GUI.Station and Area01. The rest of the credits are throughout the page in the intro and the outro sections. I would like to mention that the beautiful logo design that appears in many of the interfaces was spawned from the genius mind of Jeff Nielsen (step #2). Also, the typography in the introduction was by Robb Meril, a talented young member of our community.

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