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Psdtuts+ Photoshop Video Channel Update

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We've got some updates on the progress of the Psdtuts+ Photoshop Video Channel over at Vimeo. Gavin keeps cranking out professional Video tutorials based on our existing written tutorials. We've also got others contributing new tutorials of their own creation.

Great Videos Added to the Channel Recently

There are now over 40 Photoshop videos in the Channel now. Get involved and you might have your video tutorial featured here on the Psdtuts+ site.

Grungy Poster in Photoshop

Video is a great format. It gives you a different educational experience. Some things show really well in written tutorials and others are better in video format. So, I'm really excited that Gavin has been updating our tutorials as video. That way you can see the tutorial being created. This is the link to the Grungy Poster in Photoshop video tutorial, and it is a larger version of this tutorial.

The tutorial shows you how to make a cool grunge style poster in Photoshop using brushes, layer styles, and unique lettering. Here is the link to the original tutorial written by Fabio here on Psdtuts+ as well.

Keep in mind that you can hit the Expand button in the bottom right hand corner of a Vimeo video tutorial and it will pop up a full screen version. If you view the videos directly from the Psdtuts+ Photoshop Video Channel you'll get a higher resolution view. The Expand button is shown below circled in red.

Photoshop Tutorial: Coloring Line Art

This tutorial about coloring line art was created by The Dane a few months ago, but recently added to the Video Channel. It covers the subject in depth and consists of layer masks, adjustment layers, and blend modes in relation to coloring line art. It's a well explained and demonstrated tutorial. Here is the link to the video tutorial in case you want to watch a larger version than the one shown below.

Photoshop: Slice Up Your Layouts

This tutorial by Howard Pinsky shows the basics of slicing web images in Photoshop. This is something we haven't covered in detail on Psdtuts+, so it's a great video tutorial addition to the Channel. It also covers a workflow from Photoshop over to Dreamweaver. Here is a link to the larger version of the tutorial.

More Great Video Tuts Coming!

If you look down the sidebar, you'll see we have a section showing the eight most recent videos in our Photoshop Video Channel over at Vimeo. That way you can keep track of the videos as they're added. If you create Photoshop video tutorials, then consider getting involved in the group. We'll keep looking for ways to make it a better experience for all.

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