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Psdtuts+! New Dawn Poster Design Contest Winners!

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We have the results in for the New Dawn Poster Design Contest. Up for grabs is a Wacom tablet, a Logitech G9 laser mouse, subscriptions to 'Wired' magazine, loads of marketplaces credit and 1-year memberships to Psdtuts+. We had a whole lot of artists enter the contest, and well over 250 entries. I hope everyone had a lot of fun! Learn all about the winning entries at the jump!

About the Contest

We looked at overall artistic quality, technical execution, originality, and thematic execution in judging these entries! Thanks to everyone who entered. Now let's give it up to the winners. A round of applause please!

First Place Winner

The first place winner is Horizon Fire. The story submitted with this entry is: "Who knows what the mysterious force is that has taken hold of this city, but clearly it has left no-one to keep up with the gardening."

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Second Place Winner

The second place winner is Etagon. The story submitted with this entry is: "Some strange spheres made of an unknown metal fall down from the sky everywhere in the world waiting to a sign to make their move. You can hear this disturbing noise coming from the sphere, a sound of chaos, fear and death...But for some people this cannot be the end."

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Third Place Winner

The third place winner is simoncpage. The story submitted with this entry is: "The Earth is an awful state and we are facing worldwide drought many millions of people have died and the story follows 4 survivors as they search for water. They are unaware of how many have died and that they are mans last hope of escaping extinction." The story and images can be found on the artist's blog.

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Psdtuts+! New Dawn Poster Design Contest!

Congratulations to our winners! Great job to everyone that participated in the contest. I'll be contacting the winners shortly to assist them with collecting their prizes. The winners should keep an eye on the Flickr email boxes for the next couple days.

Some More Great Entries

There were quite a few entries that came very close to winning. Also, there are certainly more good entries submitted into the contest that are in the Psdtuts+ Flickr Group. Here are just a handful more that really captured our attention. Also, feel free to submit a tutorial concept for your contest entry designs. Many of the posters I saw would make great Photoshop tutorials.



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