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Psdtuts+ First Tutorial Writing Contest Update!


Psdtuts+ First Tutorial Writing Contest is in the final stretch. We've received only a handful of submissions. Chances of winning are still really high, as this contest is only a week long. If you've been working on a tutorial, then be sure to get it in before the deadline of midnight July 27th, 2008, which is approaching fast!

About the Contest

Time to sharpen your skills, break out your big box of ideas, and show us how to make great artwork in Photoshop. Learn more about rules, prizes, and entry information at this link to the Psdtuts+ First Tutorial Writing Contest Announcement.

If you've ever wanted your tutorial featured on Psdtuts+, well now is the time! Not only will the winner be published, but they'll receive great cash and membership prizes. The prizes are shown below. Time is running down on the contest. Keep in mind, entries must be received before midnight July 27th, 2008. Good luck to all!


  • First Place Prizes:
    • USD$400 in Cash
    • 1 year Psdtuts+ Plus membership (valued at $117)
  • Second Place Prizes:
    • USD$300 in Cash
    • 1 year Psdtuts+ Plus membership (valued at $117)
  • Third Place Prizes:
    • USD$200 in Cash

How to Enter

To enter this competition send in your Completed Tutorial before midnight July 27th, 2008. Only completed tutorials are being considered for this contest. Use our Psdtuts+ Completed Tutorial Submission form for contest entries. Place the text CONTEST ENTRY before your author description in the *2-4 Sentences About You: form field. This will alert us that this is an entry for the contest.

Further Information

Some community members voiced concerns about the contest. We appreciate the feedback. You can review the issues voiced in the comments of the Psdtuts+ First Tutorial Writing Contest Announcement! Below is a summary of some responses to those concerns.

Things for Entrants to Consider:

  • The prizes are significantly higher than our normal payments.
  • It's a short contest, as it's only a week long. That means less competition and a higher chance of winning.
  • Non-winning entries retain all rights to their tutorials.
  • If your tutorial does not win, we will consider your tutorial for publication, though that is not automatic. We're open to discussing publication for quality tutorials. We're certainly interested in working with talented tutorial writers.
  • Time is running down and chances of winning are high! Good luck!

If there are any more questions, please let me know in the comments below. I look forward to reviewing the final tutorial entries over the last couple days of the contest.

Note that only Completed Tutorials are being considered for this contest and not Preview Submissions. Do use our Psdtuts+ Completed Tutorial Submission form for contest entries.

New Sponsors

We're not going to have additional Sponsors for this contest, as it's a short contest focused on writing content for the Psdtuts+ site, though we are looking for Sponsors for the next contest.

If you would like to sponsor the next Psdtuts+ contest, then let us know. We'll consider adding you to the list. Let us know what you have to offer as a prize to members of Psdtuts+. Think of things that digital artists or designers could utilize. Use our Contact Form to let us know.

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