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Psdtuts+ 'Delta Dawn' Video Game Cover Design Contest Winners!

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We have the results in for the Psdtuts+ Delta Dawn Video Game Cover Design Contest. I hope everyone had a lot of fun! We had a tremendous competition with loads of high-quality entries. We had a whole lot of artists enter the contest, and well over 250 submissions.

Up for grabs is a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet, iPhone 3G S, Nintendo DS Lite (thanks to CSSRockstars), loads of marketplaces credits, and 1-year memberships to Psd Plus. Learn all about the winning entries at the jump!

About the Contest Judging

We looked at overall artistic quality, technical execution, originality, thematic execution, and video game cover style in judging these entries! Thanks to everyone who entered. Now let's give it up to the winners. A round of applause please!

First Place Winner

The first place winner is Quintin Schnehage. The author has gone above and beyond the contest brief by providing a realistic-looking back cover with a blurb and game style screenshots, and a CD cover design. It's a package I can genuinely imagine picking up in a game store. Overall the author has created something that looks like a game cover (paying mind to texture, shadows, and layout! Fantastic job on this design!

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Second Place Winner

The second place winner is CorPaige. We've chosen this one for second place because it really looks like a video game cover. It's a very powerful image and has a clear central point of focus. The originality and theme execution is strong.

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Third Place Winner

The third place winner is stebrfc. This is an original design. The main character has a strong cybernetic energy that radiates a glow against the muted composition. Highly stylized and unique cover design.

Congratulations, and your prizes are:

Psdtuts+ 'Delta Dawn' Video Game Cover Design Contest Concluded

Congratulations to our winners! Great job to everyone that participated in the contest. I'll be contacting the winners shortly to assist them with collecting their prizes. The winners should keep an eye on the Flickr email boxes for the next couple of days.

Some More Great Entries

There were quite a few entries that came very close to winning and we'd like to give them an honorable mention here. Also, there are certainly more good entries submitted into the contest that are in the Psdtuts+ Flickr Group. Here are just a handful more that really captured our attention. Also, feel free to submit a tutorial concept for your contest entry designs. Many of the designs I saw would make great Photoshop tutorials.


Special thanks go to CSSRockstars for providing the main prizes!

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