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Psdtuts+ 'Delta Dawn' Video Game Cover Design Contest!

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We have the next all new Psdtuts+ Design Contest to kick off this month. Game design is a huge source of inspiration for Photoshop artists. If you've been waiting to design a video game cover, or have experience creating them, then this contest gives you a chance to showcase your skills. In this contest, you'll be putting together a video game cover in Photoshop.

Up for grabs is a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet, iPhone 3G S, Nintendo DS Lite (thanks to CSSRockstars), loads of marketplaces credits, and 1-year memberships to Psd Plus. This is going to be a lot of fun! Learn all about the contest and how to enter at the jump!

About the Contest

Imagine a new military First Person Shooter video game set in the very near (or not so near) future where an evil army has taken hold of the governments and people of the world. Out of this struggle a new breed of military warrior has emerged to take back what is ours. Grab hold of a rifle (or laser cannon), your fatigues (or high-tech armor) and some camouflage (or stealth cloaking). It's time to gear-up, power-up and vanquish evil!

For the purposes of this contest the video game is called 'Delta Dawn.' There's no limit to what your imagination can tackle in this contest, as long as your work retains a military theme. It can be set in the near present or the future. What is this army you're up against? What does your character look like? What weapons will you wield? What is the full back story? You decide, bring to life this video game cover! You call the shots! Wow us with your talent and creativity!

What We're Looking For

Your video game cover should look as if it would be at home on the shelf of any game store. It should include package branding for the fictional GameStation platform (see this tutorial for an example) or for your favorite real platform (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc). You may change the logo for the GameStation platform if you use it. Please also pay as much attention to the 'Delta Dawn' title as you do to do to the cover background. We don't want to see great packaging designs let down by bad typography!


Read on to find out more about Resources, How to Enter, Prizes, Terms & Conditions, and learn about our Sponsors. Entries are open between now and the 4th of August. So, get your entries in before August 4th, 2009 Pacific Eastern Standard Time. We'll be announcing the winners shortly thereafter. Get creative with this contest and have fun!

Tutorials and Resources

We have a few resources here on Psdtuts+ that may help you with this contest. Also, check out the results from our last contest for inspiration. You may find other tutorials that you can use as well, or search the web for additional resources.

  • Design Cool Game Graphics Using Displacement Maps - Psd Plus Tutorial

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  • Top 40 Video Game Covers of All Time

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  • Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques

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  • The Making of Mystic

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  • New PLUS Tutorial - Demolition Made Easy in Photoshop

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  • Create Surreal Scenery With Pro Photo-Manipulation Techniques

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How to Enter

To enter the competition, contestants must submit any number of video game cover designs into the Psdtuts Flickr Group. Be sure to utilize the following directions:

  • Submit your design via the Psdtuts Flickr Group, tagged with "psdeltadawn."
  • Submit a JPG image that is 600 pixels wide or larger.
  • Include in the description of your Flickr entry any stock or source images you have used including URLs to those images.


Terms & Conditions

  • Entries must be submitted to the Psdtuts Flickr Group pool before midnight August 3rd, Pacific Eastern Standard Time.
  • Entries into the competition must be entirely your work. If you use stock images in the composition, you must have an appropriate license to use the image and place a link to the image used in the description of your item within the Psdtuts+ Flickr group.
  • Plus memberships will be issued from the date of notification of the winners. They are not redeemable for cash.
  • GraphicRiver/AudioJungle/FlashDen/ThemeForest credit will be issued to a username provided by the winners. This prize is not redeemable for cash and can only be spent on those sites.
  • Judging of the winners will be done by the editor and writing staff of Psdtuts+ in conjunction with the Tuts+ Manager. Our decision is final.
  • Staff or regular writers of Psdtuts+ are not eligible to enter. Occasional contributors (i.e. people who have had less than 2 tutorials or articles published on the site are eligible to enter).


Special thanks go to CSSRockstars for providing the main prizes!

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