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Psdtuts+ Contest Prizes and Submissions Update

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The contest is running along great—lots of quality submissions. I've got a couple more prizes to announce, as well as a selection of some of the top entries so far. Let's see how the competition is coming along. It's always great to see the work done in the Psdtuts+ Flickr group. This time there are prizes on the line.

Prizes Update

We have an update on prizes. The runner up will receive a Complete Vector or Texture Set from GoMedia's Arsenal (The runner up can choose the set). Third place will receive $50 in FlashDen credits. I updated the original contest announcement with the prizes, and I'll keep working on getting us some more.

Some Great Submissions So Far

When placing your submission into the Flickr pool, it would be best to indicate that it's an entry in the contest and the tutorial(s) on Psdtuts+ that you used techniques from. Also, more than one entry is OK.

Great use of technique and a polished final design will certainly catch our eye, but consider how you can use the skills you've been learning, and create something unique with them. Good luck to everyone! Keep up the great work! Below are a few submissions that stand out so far.

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