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Psdtuts+ 2009 - More Great Photoshop Tutorials and Resources

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This year we'll be running more contests, bringing you more great Photoshop resources and tutorials. As we've just rolled into the new year, now is a good time to let you know about a few changes to our writing staff and other opportunities available here at Psdtuts+. Also, if you have any suggestions on things you'd like to see in 2009, just let us know!

Big Thanks!

First off, big thanks to everyone for making this site great in 2008. The writers and artists did a great job! And it's exciting to have so many readers and young artists participating in the community through comments, articles, the Photoshop Wiki, our Flickr group, and more. Also, big thanks to those artists that participated in PLUS and to those that contributed multiple times to the site as well. And big thanks to all you readers!

Writers and Content

We have some writers that, while not new to the site, are filling more permanent positions in 2009 with us. We have three writers that will be mostly putting together our LEAD tutorials this year. LEAD tutorials are the ones we publish usually on Mondays, which Gavin adds video too, and are often our top content for the week.

JamesZilla (AKA James Davies)

James is a rockstar designer with high-end design and digital illustration skills. He's also written for various design magazines and art websites. He has both a command of Photoshop's tools and lots of creative ideas to share. James has written three tutorials for us so far: "Make a Cut and Paste Rock Club Flyer," "Casting Light on the Creative Retouching Process," and "Design a High Impact Gig Poster Suitable for Screen-Printing."

Alex Beltechi

Alex is a digital Illustrator and graphic designer and is based in Romania. He's currently writing tutorials based on personal projects. I first met him when he won the Psdtuts+ First Contest. Since then he's continued to grow as a digital artist and continues to impress us with his detailed and creative work. Here are a few of Alex's tutorials posted here on Psdtuts+: "How to Make 3D Neon Light Typography", How to Digitally Illustrate a Camera with Light Streaks, and Create and Then Shatter a Grid, while Making a Typographic Poster.

Wojciech Pijecki

Wojciech is a graphic designer and digital artist from Poland. He's written some great tutorials for Psdtuts+. He has a lot of experience with photo manipulation and other areas of design. He's another great addition to our tutorial writing team, and has written tutorials for us such as: "Design a Shiny Bass Guitar Illustration Using Photoshop" and "Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques." He also has a PLUS tutorial coming this month on mixing 3D elements and photos into a Cybernetic Woman Illustration, which is going to rock when it drops!

More Great Content

Our tutorial writers Constantin Potorac, Alvaro Guzman, and Eren Goksel will keep bringing us in depth creative and technical tutorials to improve your artistic and Photsohop work. Emil, Danny Outlaw, and Steven Snell will continue to bring us interviews, inspiration, and resource articles. Gavin will continue on in the position of Video Editor and bring you more detailed screencasts.

I'll be continuing to edit the site throughout 2009 and I can't wait for Collis to surprise us again with more stellar tuts and articles, like he did with Web Design Week in December.

Along with these regular writers, we'll also be continuing to work with new artists. I contact new artists each month and work with them to bring all sorts of high-end PLUS tutorials. We also receive numerous submissions everyday that are developed into great content for the blog. We're always open to hearing any creative ideas you have as well.

The next couple sections have some information about Tutorial Submissions, open positions, opportunities available, and different content types we'd like to add to the site this year.

Open Positions

I've found that hiring tutorial writers is best done gradually. This means you write a few tutorials for us - deliver high quality and on time, then we're open to promoting you into a regular position with the site, and with a higher per tutorial payment. When promoted to a regular tutorial writing position you'll automatically get a $50 raise. We also have multiple opportunities to increase that over time as well.

If anyone is interested in becoming a part of the Psdtuts+ tutorial writing team, then get started by writing your first tutorial. Here is the Submit a Tutorial page, which will give you more information.

Different Types of Tutorials

Psdtuts+ is mostly known for the longish Spoonfed tutorials, but we certainly publish other types of tutorials and a variety of material on the site as well. For these types of detailed tutorials we pay $150 and are always looking for new material and to publish a variety of artistic voices.

I would like to add more short tutorials into our publishing schedule this year as well. Let me know what you think about that? This wouldn't replace material, but just add more, and give more people an opportunity to get published. Think things like Quick Tips. They could be artistic tips focused on Photoshop work flows, or technical tips. If you have a tutorial concept that is under ten steps, then we would likely pay between $50 to $100 for that, and we're happy to negotiate.

Also, there are categories of Photoshop work that we haven't covered much on the site, like photo correction and other subjects. I look forward to developing this additional material this year and adding more regular tutorial writers to our lineup as well.

My Vacation Plans for January

I'll be on vacation from January 15th through February 1st. I'll be taking my wife and two year old son down to Orlando, Florida. We'll also be meeting some family down there as well. Something we are seriously considering is moving back to the US sometime this year. So, we'll of course be checking out Disneyworld and other tourist attractions, but also looking at possible areas of Orlando we'd like to live. If anyone lives in Orlando or has traveled there, let me know if there are any other must see places or recommendations on which suburb might be ideal to live in. You can hit me up on Twitter!

Skellie's going to be helping out with approving comments and making sure everything runs smoothly while I'm away. A few things will need to wait until I get back. So, if everyone could be a little patient during this time, that would be great. It's going to feel weird to be away from the TUTS sites for this long. I am picking up a new Powerbook I ordered (which I'm psyched about), and my hotel has internet access, so I'll at least check in while I'm there. Most of the submissions and email we receive during this time will wait until I get back though.

Making 2009 a Great Year for Psdtuts+ Readers!

Feel free to leave any request for changes you'd like to see in this year's material in the comments. Or, any other changes you'd like to see. Now is a good time to evaluate we're we are at, and we're you'd us to go. I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! I'm excited to keep growing Psdtuts+ and help bring you more top-notch Photoshop content! Thanks!

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