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Pricing Your Design Work: Everything You Need to Know!

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Do you ever feel unsure about pricing your services as a freelance designer? We're running a fantastic series of articles on our FreelanceSwitch newsletter, focused on how you can effectively and easily price your services. It's relevant to graphic designers, illustrators, and any freelance specialist interested in improving their bottom line. Read on to find out how to subscribe!

What the Series Covers

We'll show you how to improve your freelance income by looking at topics such as: hourly vs. fixed rates, assessing the competition, negotiation, and understanding the value of your work. Throughout the series, we'll also be including some exclusive offers and discounts!

Here's a quick overview of what this comprehensive series of articles will cover:

  1. What You Need to Consider When Setting Your Minimums
  2. Per Project, Per Hour and Per Something Else
  3. Running the Numbers on the Competition
  4. How Experience and Portfolio Translates Into Money
  5. Location, Geographic Arbitrage and What You're Worth Where
  6. Negotiating Some Wiggle Room
  7. Your Personal Comfort Zone and Your Clients'
  8. Standing Firm on Your Work's Value

See a Preview!

  • For every type of project you work on regularly, you need to have a clear idea of your price — but also how low you're willing to go in terms of that price. We all like to think that we're firm on price. The truth of the matter is that there are always situations when we'll consider taking a lower rate.

    In this first part of the series, we'll look at what you need to consider when setting your minimum price. And how to stick to it!

    Read this exclusive preview of the first article in the series.

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