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Presentation: Working With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

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If you are a photographer or some one who works with photos quite a bit, chances are you’ve heard of Lightroom. Lightroom is an app that allows you to edit and organize your photos. While it can perform many of the same tasks as Photoshop, it is an independent app designed specifically with photographers in mind.

Each month, we try to bring you a design-related presentation or speech from around the web. Today, our friend and Adobe Design Master, Martin Perhiniak led a seminar organized by Academy Class, the leading training company in the UK as part of their Digital Photography Club. Please take a moment to review Martin’s excellent presentation if you’re interested in learning more about Lightroom 3. To learn more from Martin, check out the Photoshop Basix Series he did for Psdtuts or his personal blog Yes I’m a Designer.

The model's portfolio whose photos the presenter used in this seminar can be found here.

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