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Poster Design - Creative Session Wrap

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This post is part of a series called Poster Design.
25 Creative and Challenging Vector Poster Design Tutorials

It’s a wrap. This session has covered a mix of poster design articles and tutorials. We’ve looked at various artist’s work and their workflows. We've viewed a heavy dose of inspiration from some top contemporary vector poster designers. We’ve taken a close look at the topics of creating limited editing prints, choosing the right paper, and professional poster design techniques. With these tips and tools you're armed, and well prepared, to fire off some awesome poster designs.

Your Thoughts on this Poster Design Session

We’ve changed our format, as you can see sessions are now being released right here on Vectortuts+. This is how we are now releasing all of our sessions, across our Tuts+ sites. We’re actively working to improve Creative Sessions, with more high quality material. We’d love to here your feedback on this poster design session.

Community Project

Following tutorials, and reviewing others work is helpful, but it’s really important to apply what you’re learning into your own work, and this is where our community projects come in. It’s great to see the participation we had in this session’s community project Gig Poster Showdown!. It was a really fun topic to design a poster for and we had lots of participation in the Vectortuts+ Flickr group.

We have $125 in Envato marketplace credits to give away to five random participants ($25 each in credits). Here are the five randomly chosen winner's work below. We'll be contacting the winners shortly to deliver their prizes.

Thanks to everyone that participated. We've got more community projects we're planning - the next to come soon.

More Creative Sessions

Check out the Creative Session on Core Art Skills and we'll be launching another one in March.

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