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Photoshop World 2011 in Las Vegas

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As a graphic designer, it's important to constantly learn new things. That's one of the great things about this website. We are always sharing new tips and tricks so that you can become better designers. I've always found that conferences are a great way to learn new techniques. That is why next week I'll be headed to Las Vegas for Photoshop World, the world's largest Photoshop-related conference.

While I am there I'll do my best to pass on what I've learned about the world of Photoshop. If you would like to get the most up-to-date information on my travels make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

If you're attending Photoshop World, feel free to stop me and say hello. I'd love to meet you! I may also have some Psdtuts t-shirts to give away so make sure to flag me down.

A Call for Authors: Web UI and Photo Retouching Tutorials

Also, a bit of news... One of my most important jobs, as editor is recruiting new authors. If you would like to get paid to write tutorials for us, we would love to hear what you have in mind. Visit our Write for Us page for more information.

We recently decided to start posting Web Design/Web UI-related content. So if you would like to get paid to write a tutorial demonstrating how to create a web design, button, icon, navigation item, or something else feel free to pitch a concept.

We are also looking for some new authors to write photo retouching, photo effect, and photo manipulation tutorials. So please let us know if you have an idea that you would like to share. Thanks guys!

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