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How to Create an Instagram Filter Photoshop Action

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Welcome to our Photoshop in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn a Photoshop skill, feature, or technique in just a minute!

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Instagram Filter

Have you ever wondered how to create your own Instagram filter? Well, with a few simple adjustments you can achieve a cool photo effect like your favorite app in Adobe Photoshop. And in this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to make a Photoshop action that recreates the famous Hudson filter for any future project.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

How to Create an Instagram Filter in Photoshop

Open your photo into Photoshop. I'll be using this Woman Stock.

Woman Stock From Pixabay
Woman Stock

Start with the action. Go to Window > Action to bring up the Actions palette. Click on the folder icon to create a New Set. Name the set "Instagram," and then select New Action and name it "Hudson." Once you hit Record, the action will automatically record your steps.

Create an Instagram Photoshop Action

Then go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Lookup. Set the settings for the 3D LUT File to Fuji F125 Kodak 2395, and then set the Layer Blend Mode to Luminosity.

Color Lookup Adjustment

Now create a New Layer and Fill it with a pale yellow color #fef3d5 using the Paint Bucket Tool (G). Set this layer to Divide.

Yellow Fill Layer Set to Divide

Finish with a vignette. Fill a New Layer with black. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) to create a large circle, and then hit Delete to remove the center. Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and blur the edges with a Radius of 65 px. Lower the final Opacity to 40%.

When you're done, hit the Stop button on the Actions palette to use this new action for other photos.

Create a Vignette

Here is the final effect.

Hudson Instagram Filter Photoshop Action Tutorial

Want to see this in action? Check out the quick video above to see this lesson at work!

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60 Seconds?!

This is part of a series of quick video tutorials on Envato Tuts+ in which we introduce a range of subjects, all in 60 seconds—just enough to whet your appetite. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this video and what else you'd like to see explained in 60 seconds!

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