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Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Create a Pearl Necklace With the Mixer Brush in Photoshop

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Read Time: 2 mins
Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

Welcome to our Photoshop in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn a Photoshop skill, feature, or technique in just a minute!

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Custom Jewelry

The Mixer Brush Tool, in Adobe Photoshop, allows you to make awesome stamps of any object. And in this quick tutorial, I'll be using this neat tool to show you how to create a pretty pearl necklace by creating your own necklace brush.

Feel free to download the pearl and woman stocks used in this video. And browse the incredible collection of stock photography on PhotoDune for more amazing references.

How to Create a Custom Necklace in Photoshop

Open your photos into Photoshop. Here I'll be using these pearl and woman stocks.

Pearls and Woman ReferencesPearls and Woman ReferencesPearls and Woman References

First, extract one pearl from the bracelet using the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Then Control-J to Duplicate it, resizing the copy to be smaller with the Free Transform Tool (Control-T). The second pearl will serve as a small connector piece.

Duplicate and Resize the PearlDuplicate and Resize the PearlDuplicate and Resize the Pearl

Merge both pearl layers together. Select the Mixer Brush Tool (B) and increase the Brush Size to fit over both pearls, and then hold the Alt key to load the pearls as a new brush. Hit F5 to adjust the settings in the Brush panel as follows:

  • Spacing: 90-95%
  • Shape Dynamics: Checked, Angle Control: Initial Direction
Mixer Brush SettingsMixer Brush SettingsMixer Brush Settings

With the Mixer Brush (B) selected, begin drawing a pearl necklace across your subject. You may need to try it several times to get it just right. Then set a Layer Mask to the pearl necklace and paint black onto the mask to hide any imperfections or pearls with the Brush Tool (B).

Mask Out the Extra PearlsMask Out the Extra PearlsMask Out the Extra Pearls

Almost done! Now Right-click the layer to go to Blending Options. Set a Drop Shadow to the necklace with the following settings:

Drop Shadow Blending Option SettingsDrop Shadow Blending Option SettingsDrop Shadow Blending Option Settings

Feel free to continue tweaking the lighting or colors with additional Adjustment Layers. Here is my final result below:

Custom Pearl Necklace With the Mixer Brush ToolCustom Pearl Necklace With the Mixer Brush ToolCustom Pearl Necklace With the Mixer Brush Tool

Want to see this in action? Check out the quick video above to see this lesson at work!

A Bit More Detail

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60 Seconds?!

This is part of a series of quick video tutorials on Envato Tuts+ in which we introduce a range of subjects, all in 60 seconds—just enough to whet your appetite. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this video and what else you'd like to see explained in 60 seconds!

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