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Photoshop Errors: Quick Tips to Keep Photoshop From Crashing


Does Photoshop crash a lot for you? We all know the feeling well. You work hard on your latest project, only to experience a sudden and abrupt crash that results in frustration, delayed deadlines, and even loss of work. Whether you're new to Photoshop or an experienced designer, sometimes Photoshop crashes. All software is susceptible to this common problem, but there are solutions that can work.

First and foremost, you should always make sure to update your software. Not only should you try to update to the latest version of Photoshop, but also to download any driver updates for your programs and devices. If you're still experiencing issues, here are a few more simple solutions to combat this problem:

Solution #1: Clean Up Your Computer

Photoshop's performance is greatly determined by how much space is available on your computer. Check your disk space to see how much is available. Delete any files that are taking up space, or consider moving them to an external hard drive.

Delete Files to Help Photoshop From Crashing

Solution #2: Limit Your Workload

Are you working on multiple projects at once? Avoid any unnecessary clutter that will affect the performance of Photoshop by closing out of windows you're no longer using.

This solution also relates to how many layers you're working on. Many digital artists use dozens or even hundreds of layers to illustrate their work. To keep Photoshop from slowing down as a result, consider merging layers together or even flattening them to reduce file size and improve performance.

Close Out Windows and Layers to Keep Photoshop From Crashing

Solution #3: Set Your Performance Preferences

You can easily manage your Scratch Disks, adjust the Memory Usage, and set the History and Cache by going to Edit > Preferences > Performance.

Adjust these settings according to what works best for you and your operating system. Realize that your new settings are specific to your Photoshop use (photo editing, digital painting, etc) so adjust wisely.

Set your Performance Preferences to Keep Photoshop From Crashing

Solution #4: Purge All

Memory is used up by Photoshop to store data for options like Undo, Clipboard, and History. If you're okay with losing your ability to undo your latest changes, go to Edit > Purge > All. With your history now deleted, you're able to free up more RAM. Also, if you've made a mistake in choosing this, luckily there is an Undo option.

Purge All Data to Keep Photoshop From Crashing

Know More Solutions?

Hopefully you'll find some relief in these quick solutions. And when all else fails, restart your computer.

Do you have a different solution that also works here? Feel free to tell us how you solve this Photoshop error in the comments below.

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