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Photoshop Celebrates its 1 Millionth "Like" on Facebook


If your design blog has been receiving a lot of traffic (or crashing) lately, we may know the reason why. Last week our friends at Photoshop celebrated its 1 millionth "like" on Facebook. If you don't already "like" them on Facebook, you should definitely check out their page. They do a great job of linking to some of your favorite design sites, even if they occasionally bring down a server or two.

While Photoshop might not be the first page to reach 1 million "likes," it is a pretty big benchmark, especially for someone in the design community. In fact, it might make them the most influential member of the design community on Facebook. Congratulations Photoshop! That is an awesome achievement. Feel free to link to us by the way. Our servers can handle it, we promise!

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