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PhotoDune Photo Manipulation Competition Winners Announced!

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Earlier this month, we celebrated the launch of PhotoDune, Envato’s new stock photography marketplace by tasking you to create a photo manipulation using several stock photos provided by generous members of the PhotoDune community. After scouring the submissions, and judging them carefully, we are now ready to announce the winners.

1st Place: MVP Hamster

Congratulations to Alexander Buhler! You have won $100 in PhotoDune Credits and a 1-year premium membership to Tuts+.

2nd Place: Hamster Wrestling Noodles

Congratulations to Marten Beerda! You have won $75 in PhotoDune Credits.

3rd Place: Hambo

Congratulations to Jayson Lotriet! You have won an Envato t-shirt.

Thanks to all the PhotoDune authors who generously donated their images to us for the duration of the competition. Please take a moment to review their portfolios.

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PhotoDune has an amazing community of photographers, and is the perfect place to sell your images as stock photography. Whether you're completely new to the concept, or already have a catalog of thousands of images — we think you'll find the site a pleasure to use. A few good places to start might be look at the top selling images, checking out our author guide, or dropping by the forums.

If you're ready to learn more, take a look at how to sell your work on PhotoDune. Thanks so much!

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