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PhotoDune - Envato Photo Marketplace

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It's been almost five years since we launched Envato, the company behind this site and many others, and in that time we've built eight digital marketplaces for everything from WordPress Themes to Background Music. With our fifth birthday coming up this weekend, we're excited to announce the beta launch of our ninth marketplace: PhotoDune for royalty free stock photos.

Connects to Other Envato Marketplaces

Like all our marketplaces, this one allows you to use your regular Envato Marketplace account and cash to make purchases. It also has the same familiar interface that you are used to with some new upgrades to search and browsing to cater to the photo market!

If you haven't got an account yet, you can sign up here.

High Quality, Affordable Prices

Prices for a regular license on photos go from $1 to $19 depending on the size of photo you are buying. That's incredibly affordable, and what's more, the level of quality you'll find on PhotoDune is extremely high. Check out our Top Sellers, or a few of my favourite images below:

Selling on PhotoDune

If you are a photographer interested in selling with PhotoDune, be sure to check out leading industry blog Microstock Diaries' write up Envato Enters Microstock with PhotoDune and visit PhotoDune to Get Started Selling Your Work.

The Future of the Envato Marketplaces

With our ninth marketplace out, on the eve of our fifth birthday, and with our millionth member milestone in sight for later this year, you might be wondering what's in store for the Envato Marketplaces?

Over the years we've had thousands of authors generate a whole lot of earnings through these sites, with the first one set to break into our million dollar Power Elite group fairly shortly. This community of authors has only gotten stronger and stronger and has become the bedrock of our marketplaces.

Ultimately our mission is always to serve our community, both of authors and buyers. We're doing this by creating what we hope will be the largest set of creative marketplaces online. Despite having nine marketplaces out, there is a list just as long of new frontiers to explore! There are after all plenty of other things people want to sell!

With each passing year the momentum and community size swells, and this means the marketplaces become ever more effective ways to sell your content. We've upped our rates three times in the past so that we can offer our authors a good return on their work, and just as importantly, we offer a happy and vibrant community life to go with it.

So I hope that whether you are a buyer or an author you find PhotoDune useful, and that in years to come we'll be rocking the photographer success stories from our newest marketplace!

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