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Numbers, schmumbers


Well, March is coming to an end and it's been a real record-breaker month here at Psdtuts+. I love statistics and spend hours looking through them, so this month has been very exciting for me. So as a little bit of site news, I thought I'd share some of the numbers from the site!

In HK Now

Before I get to the numbers, some small bits of news. A few days ago, I moved from Sydney to Hong Kong to live, which means I've been a little slow approving comments and replying emails—too busy eating wan tan min and drinking those awesome iced milk teas :-) Sorry for any delays, I've only just logged into the Psdtuts+ email account for the first time this week and found 50 emails waiting... yikes!

Happily, I've found an apartment now and things are settling down. This city is amazing, and I've been noting the way the graphic design here is different from back home and has its own unique flavor. Hopefully will write some tutorials inspired by Chinese design.

Also, in a few days I'm going to be announcing the new site editor who will be taking over from me posting and keeping the daily parts of the site running. This will mean I can work a bit more on the new forums and wiki, as well as more projects! But more on that in a few days.

And now on to the numbers...

28 Photoshop Tutorials + Articles Published

Until last month, the most tutorials we'd ever put up in a month was about 8, then in February we got to 17 in a month, and now another huge jump to almost one a day. Actually this whole site only has 100 posts, which means almost a third of the whole site was published in March!

Over 3 Terrabytes of Data Transferred

All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon's S3 service. Otherwise all those 30-step large images would be much more painful.

3 Million Pageviews and 1 Million Visitors!

This was the very first month we broke the 1 million visitors mark which is really amazing. I think the unique visitor count is about 2/3 that which just blows me away. Imagine 600,000 people standing in front of you armed with awesome photoshop skills :-) Woah!

1000+ Flickr Group Members and 1500+ Images

The Psdtuts+ Flickr group is a great way to share your artwork with other readers and it's pretty cool to see the images changing here on the site's sidebar. It really freshens up the blog and is a neat reminder that the reason this site is so cool is because of its members! If you're not a member, it's pretty easy to add your Flickr account to the group and start adding images.

450 Plus Members

The most exciting stat is that in our first month, 450 people joined the Psdtuts+ Plus membership program meaning this site now has a very bright future. Thanks to every one of you, we'll be working hard to add more and more resources in there, and greatly appreciate your support. All the positive comments we received last week, as well,really served to reinforce what a great community this is!

Thank you!

So thank-you to everyone who made March the month of mind-boggling numbers and for all your support of the site. I can't wait to look back in March 2009 and see how much bigger the site has gotten :-)

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