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No Smock Required: 30+ Awesome Digital Painting Tutorials

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Over the years, digital painting has become a much more popular art form, in which traditional art/painting techniques such as watercolors, acrylics and oils are applied to a digital canvas using modern technology such as a graphics tablet and stylus. Although digital painting is a form of digital art, you don't have to be a super whizz at Photoshop (or your chosen application) to be good at digital painting; it's so realistic and alike to normal painting that your traditional skills are much more important than your computer skills, allowing traditional artists of all ages to give digital painting a shot; computer literate or not.

As well as digital painting, some applications such as Corel Painter use other art forms such as charcoal, pastels, airbrushes, pens and even pencils, as well as various different tools to experiment with, as if you were painting the "old-fashioned" way.

Being able to draw or paint is always handy when following tutorials like this, however if you feel you're not great at drawing or painting, there's no harm in trying the following tutorials, they're bound to improve your skills in one way or another! There is a selection of over thirty superb and stunning tutorials below, from realistic portrait painting to fantasy anime scenes.

Making of Boudicca

Making of Beauty on the Bed

Feathers and Angel Wings

Umbrella Sky

Making of My Prince

Making of Binah

Making of Jealous Bodyguard

Painting Fantasy Eyes

Red Assassin Digital Painting

Spider Harp

Digital Cloud Painting

Digital Painting Tutorial

Making of Lida

Shilin's Domain

Making Frodo

First Digital Painting

Hair Painting Tutorial

Painting a Car Digitally

Think I'm Too Fat Digital Painting

Making of The Leg

How to Draw a Portrait in Photoshop

Making of Pandora

Skin Painting Tutorial

Lip Painting Tutorial

Hair Painting Tutorial

Make Beautiful Paintings Using Brush Settings

Create a Painting from a Portrait Photograph

Romantic Couple Painting

Painting Jake Sully's Avatar

Digital Painting Tutorial

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