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Next Week it's Envato's Birthday! Here's a Preview of What's Coming Up ...


It was back in 2006 that Envato first launched with our very first site FlashDen. That means next week we'll be turning 3 years old! Since web years are much like dog years, by my count that makes us pretty darn old. Given how we've grown, we've decided that this year it's time we really kicked our celebrations up a notch. Next week for 3 days we're going to have a massive sequence of birthday events, read on to find out what's happening ...

iMac Giveaways, a Tuts+ Birthday Bundle and Bonus Plus Tutorials!

It wasn't until mid 2007 before Tuts+ first hit the world, beginning of course with Psdtuts+, but nonetheless we're joining in the celebrations with lots of awesome stuff, including:

  • For Plus Subscribers: A special bonus birthday Plus tutorial from each Plus site - that's four extra Plus tuts, on top of the usual ones!
  • For Everyone: We're giving away two 20" iMacs and our very own Tuts+ Birthday Bundle of free Plus tutorials and source files available to all Tuts+ readers!

$300 of Files for $20 + 70% Commission for Authors

As if the files on our Envato Marketplaces weren't already super cheap, we've gone and made what must be the best value deal on digital goods ever. Fancy $300 worth of some of our best files for only $20? For 3 days only, you can get a collection of some of the best files from all the marketplaces for just twenty bucks! It's a massive bundle of killer files that will bring joy to any creative! The bundle will only be available from Wednesday to Friday (Australian time), so you'll need to be quick!

For Authors: Earn 70% of every sale!
We all know that our marketplaces would be nothing without our authors, so we're jacking up commission rates for everybody - exclusive, non-exclusive - everyone! For the three days of celebration Wednesday to Friday (Australian time) we're putting authors up to the max rate of 70% so they can enjoy extra earnings on us!

Freelance Giveaways + Special Interview of Collis & Cyan

We can't let Tuts+ and the Marketplaces have all the fun, so on FreelanceSwitch we're going to be having giveaways of job board subscriptions, copies of Rockable Press books and copies of Pixelmator and Billings for the Mac!

And across all Envato sites you'll also get to see a special video of both myself and Cyan talking about how we started Envato, how the company has grown and answers to lots of other questions provided by Emil and the Psdtuts+ readers! It's pretty strange seeing myself on video, but it sure was fun to make!

... Oh and stop in at the new Envato website!

And since I'm posting on all our sites, I should tell you to go and visit our brand new Envato website that we launched last night and check out all the nifty transparency, sliding scrolls and fixed background. Thanks to Derek for helping me with the build! And don't forget to follow @envato for Envato news and updates.

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