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New VECTORTUTS Freebie: Exclusive Tattoo Vector Freebie

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This is a new Pack of Vector Freebies available exclusively from VECTORTUTS. We have a new set of Illustrator tattoo illustrations for you. If you're looking to add a stylish feel to your work, then check out these rockin' graphics. This set of high quality freebies is available to download today!

New Exclusive Tattoo Vector EPS Illustrations - Free Download

This new Vector Freebie Pack is created by both Ben Johnson and Tony Headrick. There are 13 original designs for you to make use of. Download them and have some fun!

Ben Johnson is a web/print designer, blogger, vector artist, and entrepreneur. Check out his work at Ben Premium Vectors, Ben Blogged, and Elegant Seagulls Design.

Tony Headrick runs Neno Design, which is an innovative graphic design and multimedia studio that specializes in web design, accessible websites, identity and print design, and various other marketing tools.

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