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New Tuts+ Email Preference Centre

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Tuts+ publishes tutorials and courses on a vast range of topics, which can make it hard to keep track of what’s new if you’re looking to learn new skills in just one niche area. We’ve just released an important update to our email preference centre to make sure that we’re sending you emails that are relevant to the things you want to learn.

You can now choose the topics you’re interested in learning about, and we’ll customise the emails we send to match those interests.

New Email Preference Settings on TutsNew Email Preference Settings on TutsNew Email Preference Settings on Tuts

In addition to the monthly Tuts+ newsletter, you can also sign up to receive weekly email digests, and find out about new things to learn each week. We’re in the middle of rolling out the new preference options, so for now the topic preferences only affect the weekly digests.

So to make your emails more relevant, head on over to the Email Preferences section of your account dashboard to check out the new settings, update your preferences, and tell us about the topics you’re interested in.

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