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New Short Course: How to Shade Animals in Perspective

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What You'll Be Creating

Do you struggle to create convincing shading in your artwork? If you take our new course, How to Shade Animals in Perspective, you'll learn some fantastic techniques for creating realistic-looking shading in all your future work.

What You’ll Learn

When you draw, you use lines. When you paint, you use light and shadow. To paint realistic, 3D looking forms, you need to understand how various shades create the illusion of depth.

Sketch of animal with perspective lines

The basic principles are easy—you can probably tell the difference between light, shadow, and reflected light. But the real question is: how do you predict the shape of the shadow? How do you guess whether the surface should be bright, dark, or somewhere in between? 

To create convincing shading from imagination, you must be able to answer these questions. In this course, Monika Zagrobelna will teach you some rules you can use to predict shading accurately, and how to simplify them to shade animals quickly and intuitively.

Watch the Introduction


Take the Course

You can take our new course straight away with a free 10-day trial of our monthly subscription. If you decide to continue, it costs just $15 a month, and you’ll get unlimited access to our full library of hundreds of courses.

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