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New Psdtuts+ Editor Announcement - Welcome Alex Beltechi!

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Hey all! We have a new editor taking over Psdtuts+. Don't worry, you're all familiar with his work and the site will be in good hands! Alex has been helping out on the site and training for the last month. He'll be transitioning into running the site completely before the new year! He's taking over the the editor's chair and let's welcome him to this new position!

Welcome the New Psdtuts+ Editor Alex Beltechi

Alex Beltechi is taking over as Psdtuts+ editor. If you visit the site regularly, then you'll be familiar with his work, as he writes some of the best tutorials on our site. His most recent tutorial is a holiday Psd Plus tutorial shown below.

Alex is awesome with Photoshop and has a well trained artistic eye. He'll bring some fresh ideas to the site in 2010, which is great. He's been helping out with editing for the past month, but he's still getting used to some of the more demanding aspects of running the site, so give him a little time to get rolling. Here is some more information on Alex: Behance folio and an interview on Abduzeedo.

Also, I'll still be editing Vectortuts+ and working full-time for Envato next year. Having Alex take over this site frees me up to work on one of the upcoming Envato projects in 2010. It's still top secret at the moment, but keep your eyes open for a new, groundbreaking, creative site from us in February.

Some Closing Words

A huge thanks to all the fans of Psdtuts+! Running this site has been a high point in my design career. It's given me a chance to interact with a huge audience and help bring high quality resources to the design community. I look forward to the next project being just as successful. Anyone who wants to keep track of what I'm up to can follow me on Twitter: @seanHodge.

Growing this site, mixing with the audience, and working with so many talented designers/artists has been awesome. I look forward to opening up Psdtuts+ again in the near future and looking at it through the eyes of a fan again, continue to learn, and share with the audience. Big thanks everybody!

I also look forward to watching Alex head up the team and continue to build Psdtuts+ in 2010.

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