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New Higher Envato Marketplace Rates!

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For four years the Envato Marketplaces have helped authors around the world earn an income selling their digital wares. Along the way we've grown from one marketplace to seven, with more on the way. We've gone from hundreds of members to hundreds of thousands. Items from our marketplaces have appeared in projects for companies big and small, all around the world. And most importantly of all, we've had thousands of authors cash out earnings, ranging from a bit of money for a big weekend to sums in the tens of thousands of dollars a month!

It's been an amazing ride, and here at Envato along with our commitment to growing Tuts+, we are completely committed to making our marketplaces the best around. That's why I'm very excited today to announce that as of the end of September we are rolling out some dramatically improved rates for all our exclusive authors!

As the sites have grown, so has our revenue. As we increase in volume and size we're able to push back more and more to the authors. This is in fact our third rates increase now, and it's always a really happy day when we get to make the changeover and start putting more money in author's hands.

50-70% with a $75k scale

The new rates, which go into effect at the very end of September, will see new exclusive authors get 50% of every sale out of the gate, with their commission rising up to 70% as they sell more. The volume of sales needed to get to 70% has been dramatically reduced from the old $300,000 mark, down to just $75,000. While that's still a lot of money, it will mean dozens of our existing authors will suddenly catapult up to the highest rate and every author will see a big increase to their earnings.

If you're wondering just how much people sell on our marketplaces, perhaps a stat will help. Our top seller across the marketplaces has sold just shy of a whoppingly huge half a million dollars in gross sales! That's an enormous amount of money, most of which happened in under a year.

Lest you think that's just for the biggest marketplaces, in fact on every single one of the seven marketplaces, we have authors whose take home earnings are in the four figures each month! So that's authors selling not just on ThemeForest, our marketplace for websites, but also the marketplaces for graphics, video, audio, 3D, Flash and code and scripts.

How much could you make selling your work?

Envato Notes - new Community Blog!

You can get the full details of the big Envato Rate Increase on our brand new Envato Community blog - Envato Notes.

Notes, which launched just last week, is going to be the hub of the entire Envato / Tuts+ community with news about our sites, interviews of people who work on our sites, tips, giveaways, competitions and much more.

If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend heading over to Envato Notes and subscribing to the feed!

Happy Birthday Authors!

So on the fourth anniversary since our first marketplace FlashDen first hit the web, I'd like to take a moment and say Happy 4th Birthday to all our authors. Thank you so much for choosing to sell with us. Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing community. Thank you for helping us make the Envato Marketplaces what they are.

One More Thing ...

With the Birthday Bundle now finished, our massive rates change announced, well ... to borrow a line from Mr Jobs, there's just one more thing. Next week, I'll be back with a very exciting announcement - a whole new Envato Marketplace! Yep it's one heck of an August for us here at Envato, so stay tuned for even more big news!


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