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New from Envato: Microlancer, a Design Services Marketplace

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Envato (the people behind Psdtuts+) have recently launched a new service, currently in beta, called Microlancer. It’s a place where people can sell their creative services, or get creative work done.

The difference between Microlancer and other freelance job sites is that every Microlancer service is sold at a fixed price chosen by the service provider, which must fall within a reasonable range for the value of the service. In other words, no $5 jobs! Services are also generally smaller jobs that take less than a day to complete. The end goal is that selling or buying design services on Microlancer feels a little like selling or buying items in an online store: fast, easy, and affordable.


What does it mean for you?

If you currently do design work for clients, Microlancer may be an excellent new source of jobs and income for you. You can choose the services you want to provide (for example, One-Page Web Design, or Logo Design, or Twitter Background Design) and choose the price you want to charge. The service is offered on your terms: you choose how quickly you’ll get it done, and how many revisions will be included in the price. There’s no limit to the number of services you can offer, as long as you have the skills and time to complete each one.

If you’re a designer looking for an affordable place to get extra work done, Microlancer is perfect for outsourcing. You know how much each job will cost to get done, exactly how long it will take, and can freely browse visual examples of previous work to make sure the quality is up to your standards.

The best way to learn more is to explore Microlancer or read about becoming a service provider.

What makes Microlancer special

Despite the stereotypes, freelancers and clients work together well most of the time. On the rare occasion that things do go south, it can be an extremely frustrating experience for both the freelancer and the client. Disagreements quickly degenerate into an unwinnable battle. One of the goals of Microlancer is to make sure this never occurs. Every single transaction is covered by a fair dispute resolution process which ensures that every Microlancer user, whether a buyer or a service provider, will be protected from bad treatment or bad work. Disputes are adjudicated by smart, fair and well-trained staff who will work to resolve things amicably wherever possible.

Because Microlancer collects payment upfront and then holds it until the job is complete, service providers are guaranteed to be paid if they meet the terms they’ve laid out for their work, and complete it to a high quality standard. Additionally, because payment is held until jobs are successfully completed, buyers are able to receive a full refund if the service provider doesn’t yield the quality or timeliness of work they promise.

Microlancer aims to make nasty disagreements about payment a thing of the past for both freelancers and clients. Sometimes, parts of freelancing seem broken. We want to fix them.

Find what you’re looking for

Looking for the perfect freelancer to do exactly the work you need done can be an extremely time-consuming challenge. We often end up settling for freelancers who aren’t quite the perfect fit, simply because we don’t have time to look any further.

Microlancer uses search, descriptively named categories and visual previews of work to make it extremely simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.


More of what you love doing

Any creative professional knows that for every hour spent in Photoshop, another hour is spent answering emails, pitching for jobs, updating your portfolio or giving quotes for jobs that never materialize.

One simple mantra we have at Microlancer is: more time spent doing what you love. We use our marketing and advertising techniques to bring buyers to you, so all you need to focus on is doing good quality creative work. Every service listing you create is constantly being viewed and considered by prospective buyers. Every day, thousands of prospective buyers visit the site.

Learn more about how to become a service provider on Microlancer.

What’s next?

Microlancer is currently in beta and, to start with, is focusing exclusively on design services. Next, we’ll be opening up HTML & CSS services for both purchase and sale. If you like to code as well as design, or need awesome HTML & CSS to go along with your design work, stay tuned for news on this. The best way to keep up to date with new features, categories and developments is to like Microlancer on Facebook or get updates on Twitter.

If you haven’t already, take 2 minutes to check out Microlancer, the newest service by Envato.

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