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New Design Courses Available on Tuts+ Premium

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Tuts+ Premium courses teach you a single skill from top to bottom, inside out.

Currently, more than 15,000 members are sharpening their skills in web design, web development, Photoshop, vector design, video effects and much more. Our dedicated team adds new content weekly, so there’s always something fresh to sink your teeth into. Today, we're highlighting a few of the latest and greatest course additions to Tuts+ Premium.

New Design Courses

CSS 3D Essentials

CSS 3D EssentialsCSS 3D EssentialsCSS 3D Essentials

CSS has grown into a very exciting and powerful language, now with it’s 3D capabilities, the things you can do with CSS is only limited to your imagination and of course the odd browser. So follow along to see how powerful CSS 3D can be!

Web Form Design and Development

Web Form Design and DevelopmentWeb Form Design and DevelopmentWeb Form Design and Development

Web forms are not only an important part of the web, but also an important part of the User Experience and if not done correctly, they can be confusing and very ugly. In this course, Adi will show you how it’s done!

HTML Kickstart Essentials

HTML Kickstart EssentialsHTML Kickstart EssentialsHTML Kickstart Essentials

HTML Kickstart is a framework that is simply overflowing with great stuff that will enable you to build web page prototypes at lightening speed. Let’s jump in and see!

Responsive Web Design Techniques

Responsive Web Design TechniquesResponsive Web Design TechniquesResponsive Web Design Techniques

Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically an essential skill to have for any web designer. So don’t get left behind, learn the core techniques today!

CSS3 Typography Techniques

CSS3 Typography TechniquesCSS3 Typography TechniquesCSS3 Typography Techniques

A good looking website has more than just great images, the text has to be spot-on as well. To do that, a solid knowledge of typography is handy — and doing it using CSS3 is just plain cool.

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