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New Course: OS X Application UI Design in Adobe Photoshop

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Many web app designs can be transitioned into desktop or mobile app designs with just a few modifications. OS X Application UI Design in Adobe Photoshop will show you how experienced graphic designers can create web app designs that they can move over into the realm of OS app designs. 

What You'll Learn

You will be producing a music app design for the Mac OS X operating system. Tuts+ instructor Lawrence Turton will take you through the full process, starting from scratch with the logo design, wireframe, UI and OS design integration, and finally topping it off with annotations.

Finished UI Design for Mac OS X ApplicationFinished UI Design for Mac OS X ApplicationFinished UI Design for Mac OS X Application

Here's a free preview of some of the lessons from this course:

Designing the Logo

Logos create a precedent for the app design itself, and first impressions matter to the client and to the user of the app. It’s important to spend some time perfecting the logo of an application, even at the beginning stages of the logo design.

Designing a Wireframe

Wireframes for the most part are optional in the design process. However, the best practice for designing any app, whether web or OS, is to wireframe first. This is a good rule to have, especially when working in a team or agency. So let’s begin designing our wireframe from scratch.

Wireframing the Sidebar and Adding Shadows

The next part of the wireframe will consist of the sidebar containing a nice cover flow effect of music albums. It may look a tricky effect to create, but in reality it’s quite simple, and with the addition of layer styles you can save a lot of time. This lesson has a unique view on the wireframe process because typically you just want to keep it flat, but sometimes adding shadows can be very tasteful.

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