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New Course: Illustrating Personality in Character Design


Our latest course, Illustrating Personality in Character Design, will teach you what makes or breaks a good illustrated character, and how to go about crafting the appearance and personality of such a character in practice. 

Tuts+ instructor Ioana Sopov will break down the art and science of character design into the basic principles such as function, form and personality, and show you how they come together in the creation of a successful character. 

You will learn how the use of simple shapes and lines can illustrate who your character is, how to choose the right attributes for your character in relation to its purpose, and how to imbue it with something that all great characters have: a life of its own.

You can take our new course straight away by subscribing to Tuts+. For just $15 a month, you get access to this course and hundreds of others, with new ones added every week.

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