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New Course: Illustrating a Character for Fantasy or Sci-Fi

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What You'll Be Creating

Illustrating a character for fantasy or sci-fi is fun, but challenging. If your illustration doesn't tell a story, then it won't have the maximum impact it deserves. 

In our new course, Illustrating a Character for Fantasy or Sci-Fi, you'll learn to avoid clichés and build a portfolio of original work that will impress clients and stand out from the crowd with potential employers. 

What You’ll Learn

Digital artist Andy Griffiths will show you how to create a sci-fi or fantasy character using the techniques he has used in his professional workflow for companies including Warner Bros Feature Animation, Warner Bros Consumer Products, and Stephen Spielberg’s Amblimation studios.. 

Using Manga Studio, you will learn the importance of including storytelling elements in your artwork, the power of shape and silhouette, how to generate multiple concepts, and how to use camera angles and lighting to create a sense of drama in your illustrations.

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